Coming Up For Air Means You Are Already In Trouble

I really enjoyed many of the stress-relieving ideas shared by fellow Activerain blogger, Gary Woltal.  Gary proposes some new and creative ways to approach stress in our lives, and the timing couldn't be more perfect with all the political discourse upending our lives this week.  Just imagine what you’ll do for yourself by following some of these practical ideas. 

Sea TurtleThat expression that we jokingly refer to ourselves or others with too many things going on as "coming up for air" really means we

    Are Already in Trouble.

Think about that. By the time your stressed filled life is FORCED to cope or take some break you have taken yourself to the limit, and if you DON'T GET SOME AIR you won't survive. You can't fight nature.

So without getting too melodramatic about DYING due to stress what are some reminders since we all are busy to handle STRESS much better?

First we know what not to do? Procrastinate, zone out, smoke, sleep too much, pills and drugs, overeating and undereating, drinking too much, taking your stress out on others, filling up every minute of the day to avoid problems and withdrawing from people. All Bozo no no's.

Then, what to do???

  • Heavy use of the word NO
  • Less items on the to do list, distinguishing "shoulds" and "musts"
  • Control your environment for peaceful zones when you can
  • Avoid energy draining stressor people as much as possible
  • Watch the religion and politics discussions
  • Look at the big picture
  • Work on being positive
  • Re-frame a problem looking at it differently
  • Stop being a perfectionist
  • Find relaxation time connecting with others and practicing your sense of humor
  • Each day do SOMETHING you enjoy
  • Exercise, healthy diet, reduce caffeine and sugar, adequate sleep, cut the cigarettes and alcohol
  • Forgive and share your feelings
  • Don't try to control the uncontrollable
  • Express your feelings and also think about compromise at times
  • Be assertive. This will make you feel like you are driving a situation
  • Plan your day better and don't over extend yourself

FINALLY don't forget how to RELAX. Some I swear, particularly in the U.S. are clueless these days. Sweat in a workout, call a good friend, work in the garden, play with a pet, take a long bath or get a massage, take a walk, spend time in nature, write in a journal (BLOG), curl up with a good book, listen to or play music, savor a warm cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate, and watch a comedy or just relish in something you really enjoy doing.

Don't come UP for air but BREATHE throughout your day.

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I really enjoyed many of the stress-relieving ideas shared by fellow ActiveRain blogger, Gary Woltal. Gary proposes some new and creative ways to approach stress in our lives, and the timing couldn't be more perfect with all the political discourse… more
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